Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Type Delight : Darren Booth

We're pretty sure that most typography fanatics out there know the work of illustrator and letterer Darren Booth. His work is a combination of painting, illustration and collage to create beautiful typographical designs that are tactile, decorative and beautifully colored. Darren's unique style is well recognized in the design and illustration industry with much acclaim and awards.

Below are a few of our favorite illustration / lettering pieces. To explore more of his work, you can browse through Darren Booth's portfolio.

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Eco Art: Edina Tokodi / Mosstika

Graffiti has always been a controversial art form, but recently more and more art emerges on the streets that literally livens up the urban environment with eco friendly and living materials. One such artist is Edina Tokodi.  Her growing moss installations invites the passerby to interact, touch and follow its growth with time. They become little self sustaining community owned gardens in barren concrete deserts, and subtly conveys a message of environmental responsibility and awareness.

Have a look at more of Edina Tokodi's work on her website here, or have a peek at her work on the Behance Network.

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Illustration Inspiration: Victo Ngai

Victo Ngai's illustrations of gigantic creatures wonderfully composed and coloured in beautiful hues and textures immediately caught our eye! They transfer you to a world of wonder and adventure, surely more intriguing and magical than Alice's Wonderland. We love the way she works in human interaction with these colossal living things.

Victo is an illustrator from Hong Kong, but she's currently based in New York. She graduated from Rhode Island School of Design. She spends a lot of her time doing editorial illustration work, and her client base includes The New Yorker, The New York Times, Leo Burnett, McDonald's, Adidas Hong Kong, Bank Simple, Tor Books, The Progressive, International Herald Tribune, Utne Reader, ComputerWorld to name but a few.

Go and have a look at her work on her website here.
Or follow her on the Behance Network here.