Thursday, June 21, 2012

Photography: Vintage American signage

Browsing through Instagram (an App for iPhone users to take photos and share them with the world) we discovered these wonderful photographs of mid-1900s, Googie-inspired signage by Bill Rose. Under the pseudo-name Recapturist, Bill documents these fantastic architectural monuments' combination of colour, typography and geometric and sometimes space-themed shapes to build up signage that, with the help of flashing lights, just popped out to lure in passing travellers. Sadly, many of these signs are falling into disrepair, but with the help of Recapturist, their existence and once-adored beauty will be preserved.

To see more of Bill's photographs or to purchase some of them as prints, go to Recapturist's website
You can also browse through his Webstagram account here.  

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