Thursday, August 16, 2012

Check in at the Illville Hotel

Looking for a creative online space to rest and get some inspired rejuvenation? Or are you looking for an illustrator but have no idea where to start looking? Then check in at the Illville Hotel. You might not get bed and breakfast, but you will surely get a free pass to visit all the various rooms.

Illville Hotel is a site by Am I Collective, that invites illustrators from around the world to virtually occupy room space. It becomes a database for illustrators. You can visit the various rooms to view the illustrators' creative interpretations of their rooms as a showcase of their skill and style, and gather further information and contact details.

Go and take a tour of the Illville Hotel here.

Here are some of our favourite room interpretations.

Christiaan Venter

Mike Hirshon

Anastacia Sholik

Chuee Rock

Clement de Bruin

Gerhard Human

Hylton Warburton

Jordan Metcalf

Luiza Kwiatkowska


Rikus Ferreira